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Resurfacing or flywheel machining Brisbane, while you wait.

It arrives, sooner or later, the clutch starts to slip, causing an excessive overheating of the disk and generating thermal stress which may lead to the formation of hard spots, warping and cracks on the flywheel.

Truck Clutch and Brake has a reputation throughout Queensland for supplying the highest quality flywheel resurfacing.   An inspection of the flywheel is required to detect any damage, deep grooves or cracks.  Our Truck Clutch and brake specialist will provide feed back regarding the risks and also to safeguard the warranty of the clutch.

Clutch replacement is a big job for mechanics, making it a perfect time to examine  the flywheel.  An accurate resurfacing prevents shudder which leads to uneven surfaces.  We always recommended machining your flywheel when replacing a clutch.

Truck Clutch and Brake can machine any type of flywheel.  We specialise in heavy commercial truck, full race multi-plate clutch types, agricultural machinery and even dual mass flywheels.

Flywheel machining Brisbane at Truck Clutch and Brake.

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